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Dear Sir or Madam:


Mark Hosenball's contribution "The Real Jack Kevorkian" surely was misplaced, wasn't it?  It clearly consists of the kind of stuff that "enquiring minds want to know" and not readers of a reputable publication such as Newsweek. 


The issue is whether it is morally defensible to deny people the right to select the method and time of their own death, not whether Jack Kevorkian has ever lived in a rusty VW van.  For whatever reasons of his own, Jack Kevorkian is not only taking a stand but is actively promoting a side of that issue and is giving a voice to those of us who feel it morally wrong to force a society into bowing to someone's diseased idea of divine retribution implicit in prolonged suffering from incurable diseases.  Whether or not Kevorkian supported other issues that may or may not be supportable by a majority or a minority or by none at all is really irrelevant to that focal point.  It's always unfortunate when individuals like Mr. Hosenball manage to turn a serious problem of medical ethics into an intellectually undisciplined mud-raking for argumenta ad hominem.


As no one in his or her right mind would critique Lutherans on the basis of the foul-mouthed, scatological brashness of their founder, so no one should be so silly to examine this issue on the basis of unrelated other pronouncement by Jack Kevorkian, the rightness of wrongness of which should be under discussion in fora of their own.  The question "Is Kevorkian a prophet or a pariah?" is properly answered merely with "Damn if I care! Get to the point!"