Blessings or Random Forces: Tornadoes and Destruction 

[This statement appeared in the Daytona Beach NewsJournal on January 7, 2007.]


The tornado experience was not very nice, I am sure. But the silliness of some comments of otherwise very intelligent people is more disturbing. So, Embry-Riddle was very blessed, according to its leading personnel? Well, did the divine bless-er of ERAU not have time enough to add to the “bless-ee list” that woman of Pierson who was unblessed enough to have had to use her own body as a shield for her daughter’s safety while the rented trailer crumbled all about her? Or what about all the folks at various trailer parks and at Sutton Place —were they unqualified bless-ees? Or why did that divine bless-er not take a bit more time to prevent the entire disaster?  In fact, divinity, for some perverse reason, never gets the blame for when manure happens and gets miracle credit when someone has a narrow escape from it. Can’t lose on those job ratings, huh?

Comments such as these make one wonder about the acuity of human reason, don’t they? My vote goes more for the power of random forces and the need for people to stick together than for any blessings or un-blessings from anywhere.