Sermons, Presentations, and Published Statements by Reinhold Schlieper

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        Atheist Spirituality

        The Concept of Moral Community

        Evaluating Web Sites: Toward a Rugged Freedom of Inquiry

        In Memory of Timothy McVeigh and Other Difficulties

        Some Requirements of Moral Autonomy

        Some Thoughts About Diversity

        Community Voices: Presumptions of Entitlement in Distribution of Property

        Just-War Reflections [May 25, 2003]

        Community Voices: Vatican's Empty Argument Against Homosexual Union

        A Future of Value: Reflections About Moral Rights

        Notes for a Debate with Ken Hovind, Creationist

        Community Voices: No Moral Balance in a Society that Would Heft Bats in Revenge [August 11, 2004]

        What Then Should We Teach?  Thoughts About Teaching Ethics Across the Curriculum

        "Monster" as a Case Study in the Ethics of Capital Punishment

        Using Contemporary Film in the Teaching of Ethics

        The Ethical Classroom, Part II: Status of Student Evaluations

        Notes for "What's Wisdom?" [UU--Oct 23, 2005]

        Ethical Borders in Fiction [Florida College English Association--Nov 3, 2005]

        Notes for a Discussion of "Männer wie wir" [Cinematique of Daytona--Nov 6 and Nov 8, 2005]

        Kant's Reflections About War [Florida Philosophical Association--Nov 12, 2005]

        Community Voices: 'Eye for an Eye Was Counsel for Restraint, not License to Kill [Daytona News Journal, January 2, 2006]

        Daytona Center for Free Inquiry--Scientific Naturalism: Some Philosophical Perspectives [August 20, 2006]

        Review of Ron Mazur's "Christianity as Fairy Tale" [Jotter, October 2006]

        Community Voices: Line Blurs Between 'Meat' and Man [Daytona Beach NewsJournal, April 5, 2007--5A]

        Community Voices: Without Solid Crash Data, Helmet Dispute Is Worthless [Daytona Beach NewsJournal, September 22, 2007--5A]

        Tweaking a Moral Hero: Bonhoeffer vs. Doblmeier. [Paper read at Florida Philosophical Association, November 10, 2007]

        Community Voices: Why the Evolution vs. Science Row Replays Again and Again. [Daytona Beach NewsJournal, May 1, 2008]

        Editorial Comment: Does Cutting Benefits Really Help Taxpayers? [Flagler/Palm Coast News-Tribune, May 24, 2008, page 2A]

        Comment about "ius post bellum" [UUWorld: The Magazine of the Unitarian-Universalist Association of Congregations, vol XXII, No. 2, Summer 2008, page 9]

        Comment about two-state solutions in Palestine: appeared in Amitai Etzioni's Communitarian Letter #33, July 25, 2009.

        Comment about Commercial versus Intimate Sex; appeared in Amitai Etzioni's Communitarian Letter: Your Responses 9/29/09

Letters to the Editor

        Illegal Immigrants (Response to

        Terrorists' Rights (Response to Amitai Etzioni)

        The Fetus and the Woman       

        Need for Help Outweighs Need for Not Helping

        Peace in Canaan

        Cameras in Traffic

        On Helmet Laws

        On McVeigh and the Death Penalty

        In Defense of Jack Kevorkian and Euthanasia

        Pedestrians in Daytona Beach

        Religion and War

        Moral Autonomy

        Animal Rights

        Listening to the World's Opinions: Al-Jazeera on GlobeCast

        Blessings and Disasters