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No professor should use their position as a platform from which to spread their ideological views.  [university's name deleted] students and their parents are paying for an education not for a professors personal agenda.  The following are four examples of how Dr. Reinhold Schlieper twisted, left out, or purposefully misstated facts to support his agenda.  This is ironic and hypocritical considering we were graded on how well we explored all the facts of an issue and fairly presented the oppositions view points.
  • Schlieper repeatedly told a story of an Iraqi taxi cab driver that was captured by the U.S. military.  Schlieper said The Marines lined up and took turns hitting him in the shins with sticks because they thought it was funny how the Iraqi screamed every time he was hit.  Schlieper said he later died from his injuries.  I did some research of my own ! on the matter and could not find one report that supported this claim.  Embry Riddle parents and students are not paying for an education such as this.

  • Schlieper said Why are we worried about the holocaust when our GIs are involved in these types of activities.  He was referring to the war crimes committed by U.S. GIs during the Vietnam War.  He tried to make it sound like the atrocities committed by a few in Vietnam was U.S. policy and that it was worse then the murder of 6 million Jews.


  • Schlieper provided a web link to the class that he said shows photographs of U.S. military helicopters spraying clouds of white phosphorous over Iraqi cities and the chemical burns of innocent Iraqi citizens.  Schlieper went on to say that thi! s was proof the U.S. Military was using chemical warfare in Iraqi.  After a student asked if he was sure the U.S. Military was using white phosphorous for chemical warfare, Schlieper said Well yeah, look at the pictures, what else would they be spraying out of helicopters.  He seemed to forget the fact that white prosperous is used to illuminate the battle field at night and is not sprayed out of helicopters. 


  • On Dec. 5 Schlieper encour! aged students to e-mail Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and tell him to pardon Tooky Williams.  Shlieper said Tooky Williams supposedly killed three people… I think.  There were only two witnesses and the reliability of their testimony was questionable.  Personally I doubt he was even guilty to begin with.  I did some research on this matter.  Tooky Williams was founder of the Cripps street gang.  He was convicted of four murders not three and there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to support Tookys conviction.  I am against the death penalty but it is not my professors place to advise me based on made up facts.  Why lie and down play the murder of four people to support your agenda?


These are just a few examples of how Schlieper twisted facts and used his position to influence the minds of impressionable students.  I have spoken with many of my classmates and most agree with my assessment but do not have the time or energy to research Schliepers claims. 
A professors job is to teach facts not spin them.  [Name of institution deleted] puts its reputation at stake by employing professors such as this.  I am an independent voter, I am not in the military, and I expect to get a B grade in Schliepers class.  I am not a disgruntled student I am a concerned student.  For the sake of the university I hope this letter is taken seriously.     
On behalf of myself, my priors, and the parents who are paying for this education I am asking for an e-mailed apology from Dr. Schlieper addressed to every student that took his class this semester.   
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Actually, the cab-driver incident was in Afghanistan.  The persons hitting his knees were soldiers, not necessarily Marines.  And my sources were newspapers and news media.  I never compared Vietnam to any NAZI atrocities but urged vigilance about such atrocities at all times and pointed out that the mentalities of people committing such atrocities are alike.  I provided a link to a report from Italian TV and urged students to formulate their own views from what they saw.  I reported to the class that I had written to Governor Schwarzenegger and that I felt that anyone in the class might act under directions of his or her own conscience.  I did not make any claims about whether Stanley Williams did or did not kill anyone; I merely pointed out that he had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize more than once.  I also find this kind of cowardly parting slap very distasteful, particularly since my words have been egregiously twisted and misrepresented.  This is the second one of two students who left anonymous messages: one who kept posting notes to my door about a matter of academic freedom at the University of South Florida and Professor Al-Arian, and this one.  Generally, I prefer honest, face-to-face communication.


The U.S. Army investigation revealed details of the 2002 brutal deaths of two Afghan detainees in American custody, the White House said, with a classified report quoting witnesses as saying that two Afghan men were repeatedly beaten before their deaths.

"Absolutely, this is being investigated thoroughly," Trent Duffy, a White House spokesman, told reporters.

"There are criminal investigations going on right now about what this newspaper article discusses. People are being held to account," Duffy added.

Seven American soldiers are accused of having role in abusing detainees at Bagram, where The Times reports torture and abuse was routine.

The U.S. army report detailed the circumstances surrounding the deaths in detention of Dilawar, a taxi driver who most interrogators had believed to be innocent, and, Habibullah. Both detainees died in December 2002.

"What we have learned though the course of all these investigations is that there were people who clearly violated anyone's standard for humane treatment. We're finding some cases that were not close calls," the Pentagon's spokesman, Larry Di Rita, told the paper.

In sworn statements to army investigators, soldiers described in details harsh interrogation methods used at the detention center, ranging from a female interrogator stepping on a detainee's neck and kicking another in the genitals to a shackled prisoner being made to kiss the boots of a U.S. soldier as he rolled back and forth on the floor of a cell, the newspaper reported.

"Any incident is unacceptable, and when there are allegations we investigate them," he said.

28 people had been implicated in the Army report and seven charged, he added.

"The wheels of justice are turning, as they should be." [from Al-Jazeera.net--but the report was widely circulated also in US newspapers.]

The reference to atrocities in Vietnam referred to the film "Winter Soldier"--I recommend seeing it before making comments. I also recommend being forever vigilant about any slipping into any such atrocities; I was not attempting a scale of seriousness of atrocities and I certainly was not quantifying victims.

I did not make a statement about Stanley Williams' guilt or innocence; I urged students to find out more on their own by perusing his web-site at http://www.tookie.com/; students of other semesters will be invited to read some of  Tookie's books for book reports if they wish.  What conclusions they draw from such readings will be entirely up to them when they share their views and explore them in dialog with the class.

Here is the web-link to the report from Fallujah; I recommend--as I did when first I offered it--that viewers come to their own conclusions: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article10907.htm

Letters from others; these were signed, but I have made the names a little less obvious.

I didn't have a problem with how the class was taught nor did I notice any real bias on your part.


You have my support, It appears this student was only registering in his mind what he/she wanted to. He did not forcefully impose his beliefs upon anyone, he mearly stated them.(but most of the time he only did for the sake of argument and sometimes the were not exactly his,) If you argued your opinion , and backed it up,, you did well in the class. Provided you actually did what was required of the class. Personally i thought the class was rather simple. Easy enough to get a b-c , but hard enough to get an A if you wanted one. My message to the student who felt wronged , he gave you the opportunity to argue your grade countless times. You waited until the class was over. Your shear lathargic attitude got you the grade you deserve. Peace Hommes and Schlieper id just kind of shrug this one off.


ps. this ain't high school, mommy ain't gonna help.

Dear Reinhold,

I was deeply saddened by the rant this anonymous student electronically mailed to administrative leaders. Parting slaps, especially by anonymous sources are always distasteful. It seems like, at the very least, this student could have spoken to you privately about these matters rather than obviously trying to harm your reputation with your employers. Such an attack speaks of vengeance rather than a desire to improve matters. Rest assured, those of us who know you are aware of your integrity and your great desire to be fair and accurate in your teaching. You are a truly good man with a great passion for justice -- persons from other ideological perspectives will not always be fair or recall your comments accurately, because they are already committed to believing the worst about those who disagree with them. Let me know if there is anything I can do to be of help in this matter, and feel free to share this note with anyone else you wish.


I read that mass e-mail you sent regarding the anonymous student's letter. I am willing to voice opposition to it, should you find it bring any trouble your way. I enjoyed your class and felt you left us (the students) to come to our own conclusion. I also found it funny that so many of the student's suggestions on blackboard were for you to voice your opinion louder and more clearly. Keep teaching the class how you are, it challenged me and made me think more about issues.



Dr. Schlieper,


Although I didn't agree with you on a lot of things, I have to say that I cannot recall you putting anything out there that was mentioned in the student's letter in that manner.  If something was bothering me that was mentioned and I had an opinion about it, I would raise my hand and tell you or it would come out in a paper.  I learned a lot in the class, it still has me thinking about issues.  I think going behind someone's back is not the way to go, it's unfortunate that the student couldn't express his or her opinion in a more civilized manner.



Dr. Schlieper,

I was searching for an "add reply" button somewhere on that page, but did not see one. Please post the following on my behalf.


One student's displeasure is hardly any reason for this nonsense. Dr. Schlieper is perhaps one of the greatest assets that <the university> has in its faculty. Countless times I have heard him admit his personal biases and even apologize in advance for them. Show me a professor who has never implied his or her personal views on an issue in a classroom and I'll show you someone who is not human. The fact is that Dr. Schlieper has never FORCED his views on anyone, and if one person thinks that we adult university students are so impressionable, I have no choice but to believe that this is the insecurity of said student speaking. I cannot think of one professor who can force an opinion on me, because the last time I checked I had a brain with its own thought process. This "concerned" student is simply malicious. Dr. Schlieper, I hope you never change your teaching style. This incident alone shows that you have had, and will continue to have a positive effect on Riddle students, no matter the negativity on this occasion. Thank you for helping me to think.


I disagree with the text, professor, I think you did a very good job teaching a subject that is not set in stone. In my opinion I think there are things that you didn't share due to you not wanting to influence your students opinions. In my taking of your class I can honestly say the only subject I didn't agree with your teaching of was homosexuality. You were more accepting of it and I wasn't. I think there is always some views that a student and teacher will disagree on.

I don't remember you telling my class any of accusations that the writer said about you. I think a lot of students in this school are young and are not at the stage in their lives to accept multiple sides of an argument. A lot of these students are still thinking like their parents, where they believe you shouldn't talk about this country or anything else that goes against popular belief.


p.s. I think about the topics we discussed in class all the time, I've recently rented this video called "Lord of War", which is based on a true story about America's gun selling all over the world. Let your critic watch this and maybe he/she needs to research a lot of things like how many innocent people are killed all over the world, and yes why feel sorry for one group more than another. I think this is what you meant, if this accusation is true.

Professor I think you should provide them with some hard cold facts since this is what they want. Let them research topics and provide you with all the different aspects that you know to be factual. I remember when we did the terrorist presentation, no one looked at or reseached Americas involvement with Binladen. Alot of these students, they view their ignorance as patriotism.

Hi Dr Schlieper,

How are you? Hope you are doing well. I was home for about 2 months after the graduation. So I didn’t see your email. Anyway I decided to send my comments. You remember that “patriotic act” thing you told me about after the article. I think this is that (denying facts).



First of all this is a humanity class and you are not required to take it. If you do decided to take it, then it was your own choice. And you have the freedom of deciding which way you want to go with an issue.

When I took this class I couldn’t even decide on a side, because Dr Schlieper made strong arguments for both sides. He never gives his opinions in class. Which you always hope he would, because we are so used to letting other people (like parents and teachers) decide what is right and wrong for us.

What I understood was he always tried to show the sides that media and other sources don’t usually expose specially in the war issue. If you don’t like to believe these war incidents that Dr Schlieper mention, then you should go search about the weapons that US sell.

This was the only class, which actually opened my mind to the world and completely changed the way I look at issues. Dr Schlieper is one of the best professors that we got in this campus.


I'm pretty sure this wasn't the first time that students attack you this way. See what happen was you didn’t tell them what they want to hear (that the God exist who has all the answers and US is this angelic country who’s trying to help everyone in the world), instead you gave them a dose of reality. When the facts are presented, the reality and the world they live in start to conflict. When they are not strong enough to handle it they try denying it and when it really start bugging them then they go on saying whoever showed the facts are making it up. You are really good at shaking people’s mind:-). It’s really sad that some people who live here can’t handle the truth.

I will have to send you what you send me, when I was getting negative feedbacks on the article:-).

Well take care.




Dr. Reinhold Schlieper
January 11, 2006