First Homework and Group Assignment

  1. Think about what you are doing in this class.  Try to construct a learning objective for yourself.  How will you know when you have reached it?  How will someone else know that you have achieved it?
  2. As a group, discuss each member's answer to what he or she is likely to fear most as a moral dilemma in a professional role.  Don't attempt to solve the issue, but make sure that each person feels that his or her fear has been understood by the group.
  3. Read through the local paper or the Avion carefully.  Then try to find examples of the following items.  For each one, decide what is being asserted, how it is asserted, and what the outline of the argument might be.  Identify proposal, observations, and value judgment for each.  Be sure to clip the piece or pieces, and bring it or them to class.  
    • normative judgment 
    • an example of virtue ethics 
    • an example of respect for individuals 
    • an example of duty-based morality 
    • an anlysis of comparative benefits
    • an example that makes maintaining relationships a primary focus
    • a distinction between what is morally permitted and what is morally ideal

Reinhold Schlieper
Department of Humanities
Embry-Riddle University
Daytona Beach FL  32114
September 11, 2000