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The following are comments that I have received from students who have now left the institution or have communicated with me after having taken a class:


Dr. Schlieper,


I graduated from ERAU in 2004 and took your ethics course at that time.  The class was informative, and motivating, believe it or not.  I found the discussions to be the most beneficial, yet was disturbed at the number of students who did not take the topics seriously.  I can understand some students not taking a class seriously, as they may see it as a necessary evil or what not, but the topics should hit home for most people.  I was also surprised at the number of close minded students, set in their ways at the ripe old age of 21.  Overall, I found the class very interesting. I feel that ethics and philosophy should have a larger roll in education (well before college to be honest). 


I returned to your website upon reading an article titled, “Boeing Plays a Recurring Role in U.S. Diplomacy” (source: Chicago Tribune). I wanted to see if you had any references on the ethics/philosophy of diplomacy.  I will peruse your website for the topic after I am through here.  


Thanks for the experience,

Rocco Tomasso

A.E. ERAU 2004



   I will finish my last ERAU class and officially graduate in April.  Even though I haven't officially graduated, because of Embry Riddle's outstanding reputation I've been offered and accepted a position at an aviation college.   I will be developing the air traffic control curriculum, managing the construction of a new air traffic control tower, developing airspace, constructing a control tower operator (CTO) certification program, directing the installation of simulators and generating continuing education/mentoring programs, a multi-million dollar project.  This position is a dream come true ... it was built for me and each of you played a vital role in realizing that dream.  


   In my new role I will employee the leadership of Dr. Sieland, the creative elegance of Professor Cosman-Ross, the firm direction of Dr. Schlieper and the diligence of Professor Ellmyer.  The impression each of you has made will find its way to every one of my programs and benefit hundreds of students in the future.  I would be remiss in my expressions of gratitude if I did not mention the outstanding work of Tava Lee and Bobbi Wilkinson at the Robins AFB campus; these ladies charted my course and “delivered the goods” as advertised, they are the absolute best!


  I sincerely hope my new position will allow me to transition from student to colleague; additionally, my goal is to establish a strong working relationship with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  I believe we can share ideas, provide fellowship opportunities for students and develop the worlds finest aviation professionals together.  I am forever grateful for your many contributions and look forward to developing a strong business relationship in the very near future!




John P. Hunt       

Dr. Schlieper,

 How are you doing? I graduated in May of 03 and am now stuck out in the desert of California. Work is good, but I sure do miss Daytona.   I saw a movie a couple of weeks back that made me think a bit, so I thought that I'd pass it on to you. The movie is called Paycheck, and it is technically listed as a sci-fi flick, but I think all types could enjoy and appreciate.  How are classes going? Are you still teaching Values and Ethics and Philosophy? I must say, I miss the philosophy sometimes. It gave me an excuse to change the way I think to be able to see another point of view.

I moved out to CA after graduation to work for Boeing on the F/A-22 Raptor program. Before going to the Raptor, I worked on UCAV. That was interesting, but definitely not for me. I like directly piloted vehicles.  Not to mention, my specialty is more on the structures and airframe side of the house as opposed to avionics. Right now, I am a test conductor/flight test engineer, so it is kind of like ATC, but a bit different. As for the portion of the address, it is just Edwards Air Force Base.  Nothing too exciting out here, but I have learned to SCUBA dive and sky dive while enjoying my work. In that aspect, I have it good.  Paycheck is a newer flick. (released May of 2004) I definitely recommend it for both classes really. Check it out.

I appreciate the kind words. I really did learn quite a bit more than I thought I did at first. I was trying to explain hypothetical syllogism to someone last night and was half laughing at my perceived geek appeal.  Thanks foe being so passionate about the subject. It really does make a huge difference.  Did you hear about Todd Fortier? I just found out yesterday while reading the Avion and alumni news. Hit me pretty hard. He and TJ Champion were part of the team for our midterm project. He was a good man. So was Dr. Dalal for that matter. They will be greatly missed. Sometimes these things just don't make sense, but we already knew that. Godspeed to both.

Well, I have mission in a few minutes, so I better get moving. 


 Sandra M. Echegaray


Dr. Schlieper:

This is Charles Williams, a former three-time student of yours (Tech Writing, Philosophy, and Values Ethics). I finally have the time to email you to thank you for preparing me for the real world.   I graduated Embry Riddle in Spring of 2002 and immediately went to work for the Transportation Security Administration.   My team and I were faced with the federalization of our nations 420 airports.  I traveled across the country training newly hired federal screeners on how to operate a security checkpoint.  I am now permanently stationed at Reagan National Airport in Washington DC. I do not consider my self to be an excellent writer, but the skills you taught me in technical writing, particularly how you let us always revise our work as we tried to reach perfection have helped me immensely in my career.  As a supervisor of approximately forty people, your ethics course tight me ethical principles and decision-making skills that I use to try to be as fair as possible with my subordinates.   In everyday life your tech writing class has helped me get corporate America to offer good customer service, particularly when writing complaint letters about bad products or services. I will never forget the story you told about a student of yours that was able to return a Suberau to the dealership in what seemed to be an impossible situation.  Characters such as Crudney and Crudnetta Bagbottom and stores like Merchandise Servicedice will never be forgotten. Today at work, my boss had a question and I was able to look at the guidance you had on your homepage for some of your classes to give her an answer.  I remember you always openly posted students comments and even complaints.  You were very open with feedback on students papers, and I felt obligated to write you to give feedback to you now that I am in the real world.  I hope other students can see the relevance of the courses you teach. I remember several students in my class wrote negative remarks stating they would never need technical writing to fly an airplane. The times have changed, and with the lack of demand for airline pilots, I hope my fellow students did get something out of your classes so they have career alternatives outside of flying planes.  Please share this letter with my fellow ERAU students on your web page and once again thank you very much for such wonderful classes.

Charles E. Williams

Security Supervisor

Transportation Security Administration

Washington DC

PS: After taking your class, I feel obligated to attach the Reading Ease Score  presented by Microsoft Word after grammar checking it.

Dr. Schlieper,

I am writing to you for two reasons. The first is to let you know that I am  working for ENSCO Inc. as a Technical Writer/Editor for Lockheed Martin projects. Thanks to the technical writing skills I learned in your class I was offered a job. I just wanted to keep you updated and thank you for all the help you gave me. . . .

Brent Terwilliger

Dear Riddle Professors,

I thought you all might be interested to hear that I just made my first professional fiction sale.  It's a short story called "Fish Girl" (along the lines of magic realism---thanks, Dr. Oxley!), and it's due to be published online in the Internet magazine GalaxyOnline.  I'm going through the final revisions now with the editor, after which I'll find out when the story will be posted.  I'll let you know when it goes online.

Thanks to all of you for taking the extra time to do those independent studies last year; I really think that being able to do my final semester the way I did was a big factor in my writing successes of this year.  (And I don't intend to slow down; expect to see more before too long!)

I hope the fall semester gets off to a good start for all of you.  I'd love to hear what you're up to (hopefully not too much trouble)...

Best regards,
Beth Long

Dr. Schlieper,
        I did not write a comment in the evaluation that I handed in at the end of the semester.  I would have liked the opportunity to tell you how much that I got out of the class [World Philosophy].  Especially the second time around.  I took your class two years ago, but did not do well, nor was I able to focus on any of my classes at that time.  I did have the time, even in a shortened summer semester, to enjoy the class, the reading, and the material.  It led me to take another look at what goes on around me and to not just accept the status quo.  I have indeed thought a lot this last semester, as I believe was your basic intent, and I wanted to thank you.
Jason Waterbury - AE

It [tech. writing]  has been fun...thanks for the stimulating conversations and debates. I guess the grade did work out.

This is a general announcement to let you all know that I won the Isaac Asimov Award for Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing!! . . .

Dr. Schlieper,

Thank *you*.  What I learned in my science fiction classes with you taught me a lot about how these stories worked, as well as just how to take a story apart and study it.  I'll keep in touch as things  progress.


Dear Dr. Schlieper:

 I greatly appreciate your writing a letter of recommendation for me as part of my application requirements.

 Your letter adds strong support to my academic and employee profile. It also will help my attempt for the best internship programs in the airlines. Technical Report Writing, as expected, increased my understanding of actual business writing, but it most significantly improved my overall written and spoken communication skills. The course taught me one can never be a perfect writer but can learn and strive to come closer.

 Thank you for your letter of recommendation, Dr. Schlieper. The letter will be extremely supportive to my future career.

[student's signature]

It is easy to write strong letters of recommendation for excellent students such as you. Thank you for having attended my class.

I was able to cut and paste your letter into MicroSoft Word. Thanks a million. I really appreciate the letter.

 Please have a happy and safe weekend.

 [student's name]

 p.s.: Contrary to your comment on organization, you are one of the most organized professors I ever had.

Thank you very much. Yes, I do try to stay organized, although I frequently feel that I should do much better yet.

Thank you for emphasizing "active voice." Legal writing stresses this form of writing.

 Have a nice weekend.

[student's name]

I hope that the students I have now will read your comment. I know it's sometimes tough to discover new ways of writing, but there is a payoff for those who have invested the time and the effort. Thank for your comment.

This is my roommate's account, my actual email address is [deleted]. I just wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed your Philosophy (HU341) class and I'm sorry to see it over. I am also extremely interested in doing some kind of German, or German independent study, but I have already 18 credits for the fall term of 1998 (3 of them are a Russian independent study). I have a few years of German under my belt, but I really know very little. Isn't it funny that I'm an engineering major at a technical school and the class I couldn't get enough of was philosophy?
[student's name]
Thank you very much for the comment. Yes, I rather enjoy the philosophy class myself. Each semester brings a completely different group of intellects into that class, and each semester's topics are new and original.

Oh, so thats what you look like with a mustache . . .just kidding.
I enjoyed your class and hope to have you as an instructor again. Thank you for everything.
[student's name]
Thank you very much for saying so. It is most gratifying when students get something out of one's classes.

Dr. Schlieper,

 I just wanted to thank you for all the advice, opinions and a great class. I feel it was a very important class. What I have learned will benefit me very much in the real world. What I learned has been tremendous. I use what I have learned just about every day so far. I also keep working to make my writing better. You probably can't tell by this message, but I do have a lot to learn. Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.

[student's name]

 PS Have a great time in Germany :-)

I want to go to law school to specialize in aviation law so that I can combine my passion for flying with some intellectual pursuits. . . . the law schools want to see that an applicant has the ability to write.  When looking back at my education, your class stands out as an excellent writing skills course.  Although I do not claim to be an excellent writer, my skills have definitely sharpened as a result of your class.  . . . I like the way that you taught.  You gave us the chance to improve our mistakes and learn from them--rather than one grade and that was final.  . . . I like that you went beyond the course objectives.  I distinctly remember the skills that you passed to us that included cover letter writing, résumé writing, interview techniques, and presentation techniques.  . . . your credentials are amazing.  I visited your ERAU website and your personal website and I am impressed!!!!